Our Services

JMS Inspections, Residential and Commercial Flooring Inspections servicesAt JMS Inspections, we are your premier source for a wide range of expert services in the flooring and carpet inspection world. With over four decades of experience, industry certifications, and a commitment to excellence, we provide thorough and meticulous assessments that address post-installation issues and failures. Explore our comprehensive services designed to meet your specific needs:

1. Flooring Inspection Services

  • Hard Surface Inspection: Our certified experts excel in conducting comprehensive inspections of hard surface flooring, including solid and engineered hardwood, LVT, WPC, SPC, laminates, bamboo, cork, and more. We identify issues, assess defects, and determine their origins.
  • Carpet Inspection: Our specialized carpet inspection services encompass in-depth examinations of residential carpeting. We provide certified narrative reports that meticulously record issues, incorporate digital photographs, reference manufacturers and industry standards, and assign responsibility to the relevant party at fault.

2. Analysis and Recommendations

  • Issue Assessment: We go beyond identifying problems to analyze the issues thoroughly. Our process includes collecting samples for laboratory testing, conducting field tests, and documenting the chronological history of installations.
  • Root Cause Identification: Our experts are skilled at pinpointing the root causes of flooring issues, whether from manufacturing defects, installation problems, or environmental factors. We provide comprehensive reports that offer clear insights into the source of the problem.

3. Legal Support

  • Expert Witness Services: In cases where legal actions are necessary, we offer expertise as expert witnesses. Our detailed reports and professional insights can be instrumental in resolving disputes and ensuring that justice prevails.

4. Consumer Support

  • Assistance for Consumers: We're here to support you if you've purchased flooring or carpeting and encountered issues. Our services help consumers navigate warranty claims, seek resolution, and determine the responsible parties.

5. Industry Stakeholder Assistance

  • Support for Industry Professionals: Our services are utilized by various industry stakeholders, including manufacturers, retailers, designers, installers, distributors, and builders. We offer clarity when responses from dealers or other parties are insufficient.

6. Consultation Services

  • Professional Consultations: Whether you're planning a new flooring installation or require expert advice on ongoing projects, we offer consultations to help you make informed decisions.

7. Environmental Matters

  • Environmental Assessment: We provide assessments and recommendations for environmental concerns affecting flooring and carpet installations.

8. Quality Assurance

  • Quality Control: Our inspections and recommendations are guided by a commitment to ensuring the highest quality in flooring and carpet installations.


Recognized Expertise

  • FCITS Certified in Hard Surfaces and Carpets: Demonstrating our proficiency in inspecting hard surfaces and carpets to the highest industry standards.
  • Textile Pro: Recognizing our expertise in handling and cleaning delicate textiles.
  • IICRC Master Cleaner: Acknowledging our ability to provide top-notch cleaning and restoration services.
  • North American Wool Association: Certifying our knowledge and skills in working with wool-based materials.
  • Wool Safe: Ensuring our competence in the care of woolen fabrics.
  • Green Seal: Highlighting our commitment to environmentally responsible practices.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Focusing on creating and maintaining healthy indoor environments.
  • ASTM F06 Committee Member for Resilient Floor Coverings: Active participation in shaping industry standards for resilient floor coverings.
At JMS Inspections, our dedication to integrity, excellence, and professionalism shines through in every service we provide. We are committed to delivering meticulous inspections, detailed analysis, and expert recommendations that stand as a testament to our mission: to provide the ultimate experience in the world of flooring and carpet inspection.